An afterwork sailing courtesy of a generous colleague taking us on board her Yatch. Heading back to the dock, this fiery scene flashed before our eyes. Taken with my iphone 7s plus.



Doodling with iphone7s’ portrait mode feature. It’s wonderful iphone is able to do this image capture that is comparable with a high end dslr with a big aperture lens. Needless to say even the editing tools that comes with it does almost the same way as Lightroom.

Ground Matters

A walk in the park with friends on a long weekend holiday. It is wonderful to see nature's beauty even in the least expected places. These images were taken using Iphone 7s' portait mode. It comes in handy and gives a dslr effect images.

Winter is Over

Finally winter is over. It is a bit longer here in the North of 60 but thankfully it is now over and days are much brighter and longer. Taking the opportunity I headed out early this weekend and drove around along with my wife and with cold kept camera and tried to capture some images around town. The image about was at the bridge over the Yellowknife River where this boat rental house sits.