Eternal Life

Eternal life as most would mean is the here after life. But going through the pages of the Book we find a challenging different view of things we used to hold as truth. The verse above is one of those that has challenged me to see things differently as i flip through the pages of the Book. Christ is the Eternal Life and not just the hereafter event or existence. Eternity is within each believer and are free to live this new reality even now. A foretaste of the future lived now.



Taken on our way home from North B.C to Vancouver on a road trip with my wife. This reminds me of how nature sometimes paints the realities of life. Sometimes life can be so dark at time and yet light lies behind to finally give and form a meaningful and brighter life.- John 1:4

Starry Night


A late night strolling at Whiterock Pier along with friends who just lost a loved one. We decided to take them here just to lighten up a bit of their feelings from  loss they have experienced. They are our cell group members in our church and it was sad to loose a member of that family.