Body Life

Therefore I, the prisoner of the Lord, implore you to walk in a manner worthy of the calling withwhich you have been called,….Ephesians 4:1

Quite a strange picture Paul is saying to the Ephesian believers of his relation with Christ. But he purposely told this to them for a strong reason and the same way today for us as the Lord’s people. Most of us easily accepts to be a child of God and to be His friend but probably would refuse to accept that we are also His prisoner. Paul in saying this to them is trying to tell that to be a church , everyone needs to see himself to be a prisoner of the Lord. Unless we accept this fact that we are His prisoner, we would have a hard time or it will be impossible for us to live church life.

A prisoner has given up all his rights  and subjects himself in every way to him who has captured him. This is the reason why we today, as the church, suffers great troubles. This is also the reason why churches are so divided. We try to live church life or body life on our own. It is He who builds the Church not us.

Paul, in this chapter has listed to them the way to live body life and he started it by saying his relation with the Lord Jesus. – (the Prisoner of Christ) and reminded then of their calling (that is to be a church- the people of God)

The rest goes on saying that we need to be Christ like or let Christ live in us  in order that we may live church life. With humility , gentleness , patience and tolerance and love which is Christ’s character in other words, is what we need  in order to be united in the Spirit and also by Christ who is our peace. It is the indwelling of Christ in our hearts that will make it possible for us to live as His people. It is the fervent prayer of Paul in chapter 3. A prayer not normally done by most Jews- (kneeling ).

It is by His resurrection that we are able to see ourselves related to Him in this manner because in this, He has won us over. He has ruled over all for He ascended above all heavens and seated us with Him. It is He who has given us the means by which we could be  formed or built into one body by giving gifts to us. With this, we are being matured and growing into a full grown man formed to His likeness which is His purpose in calling us.

May this shed even a small  light to us as to how we are to live this Body life. Praise God.


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