A New Kind of Life

Discipleship as I have discussed in my previous article, discipleship as being done with the teacher living with his students and showing them what he is trying to teach. The Lord Jesus discipled the Apostles by showing them what He is teaching by what He does. Many of those teachings were done by the miracles He performed in their presence. John 20:30-31 said to be the reason for the writing of this Gospel by John and at the same time tells us that through the miracles He performed by which He teach us that we may believe Him. Having known of this truth, it is good for us to look into these miracles in order for us to learn what our Great Teacher (Rabboni) has to teach us. His first miracle was performed in Cana during a wedding feast. There we find that a situation came up and the wine came short for the feast Mary the mother of the Lord Jesus troubled by the situation, asked Him to do something for the situation. But the Lord has surprisingly answered her not to trouble Him and that His time has not yet come. This does not mean of an ill conduct towards His mother but simply the Lord Jesus is not subject to human pressure or timing but is acting by the leading of the Father by His Spirit. This will be observed also in the raising of Lazarus in chapter 11 and also when His brothers were asking Him to come for the Feast of Tabernacle in Chapter 7. From these incidences, we find the Lord teaching us of how we should conduct ourselves in doing things not only for our individual concerns but also as a church. We do things not on our own but we rely on Him by His Spirit. It is easy for us to just do things on our own only to find out later that it is just us and not the Lord who do the work. That is why many things of what we do individually and as a church really does not stand up because it is all just us and not the Lord. It is important for us to know that this life we now have in Him is not govern by the flesh but by His Spirit (Jn1:12-13).

The next thing we notice is when the Lord turned the water into wine and the master of the banquet telling of the quality of this wine that the Lord has provided. It is also good to observe how this master of the banquet would have reacted had not the Lord Jesus came to save the day for him. He could have lost his job and be subjected to a shameful and embarrassing situation had the wine ran out. Wine is a very important part of a celebration even this time. It is embarrassing if its supply is not enough for the guests. But the wine that the Lord provided is not only sufficient but also superior in quality. Taking notice of the beginning of this chapter in verse 1 where it started with the word on the “third day”, this indicates of the resurrection of the Lord which tells much of the story in this chapter. Wine is a type of Christ in the Old Testament. Wine is part of the offering made to God. It is included together with other offerings during the early Israel. It is poured into the burnt offering making a good smelling aroma(Ex.29:40-41). The Lord’s sacrifice on our behalf, Paul said in Eph.5:2 is a sacrifice or an offering to God a sweet smelling aroma. In the same manner the wine that the Lord provided is a type of a life that He is giving us which He made possible through His death (wine offering)and resurrection (on the third day). This life is a life of superior quality than the life we normally live apart from Him. This life is in abundance though not necessarily materially, not lacking even in distress. Life the world we normally know is a life of not getting enough, always getting short no matter how much we already have. There is always that chasing after something that is eluding us everytime we thought we already got it. The chasing goes on and on and on. But the life that the Lord Jesus gives is totally a different kind of life. It is a life of abundance and of sufficiency. Though we may face trying times in this life we always find Him always becoming our sufficiency and our contentment. It is not affected by what is around us it remains good from first to last. This life can still smile even in times of difficulties. This life has transcended beyond the physical reality. It is a spiritual life. In Jn. 1:4 the Apostle said that in Him was life and this life is the light of men. The sacrifice that He made for us brought us this new kind of life if we believe in Him. John 20:30- 31 tells of this very thing that these miracles that He performed in the presence of His disciples were meant to make people believe that He is the Son of God and that by believing, we would have life in His name. This is the lesson from the first miracle that the Lord had performed in Cana for us to know and learn and take to our hearts to change us. Praise the Lord.


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