A Good Reminder

For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made,   so that they are without excuse. Ro. 1:20

A sunny day walk in our neighborhood here in Richmond B.C with my wife and our dog Max. After a long week of cold and rain, the sun finally shone so we took the time to walk Max around the place where we live. It is good to walk after being kept inside the house for a week and being able to burn off some of the extra calories taken in during the week.

It is amazing to see the beauty of nature as you see it displayed around you.  I took my camera with me that day and took this photo to keep it and share it with my friends. The clouds were beautifully formed in the sky and it makes me wonder how great God in creating these things.  It makes me feel in awe and at peace seeing the greatness of God as I see the wonder of His work. Sometimes I get caught up with everyday life and forget the greatness of God. It is common to most of us that we are so easily overwhelmed by the pressures of life and forgets to draw the strength and peace from the one who is greater than the pressure that we all face. It is sometimes good to see His greatness in those that He has created to remind us of how little we are or those that we face in life. This image that was captured by my camera reminded me of the God that made it and me. How great and wonderful He is and how little are those that sometimes troubles us. These things that testifies of who God, also remind us of our need of Him who created all these . Life in itself is really tough and hard if we live it ourselves because the pressure is so great and our strength are limited and we easily get tired and if we face it alone we end up miserable and  frustrated because we have exhausted ourselves of life. With all the troubles and unrest we see happening around us today,we can only but sigh wether there will be an end to all these.  At most it  affects us by adding up to our personal concerns of the day. But when we see the One who is  is willing to help us, then we see the goodness of life. These creations not only testify of God and points us to Him but also leaves us without excuse if we fail to come to Him . God had made it plain to us with the things He created that He longs for us to have a relationship with Him but if we ignore such an invitation, we loose the goodness of life that is in Him. May we not fail to come to Him and find the goodness of life amidst the  great troubles around us. Have a good day and God bless us all.


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