Late Bloomers

These beauties bloomed so late but still has not failed to show their glory.


Winter is Over

Finally winter is over. It is a bit longer here in the North of 60 but thankfully it is now over and days are much brighter and longer. Taking the opportunity I headed out early this weekend and drove around along with my wife and with cold kept camera and tried to capture some images around town. The image about was at the bridge over the Yellowknife River where this boat rental house sits.

Mochi the Hedgehog

Our new pet in the house. Mochi was given to us by my wife's co-worker who could no longer look after him. My wife is fond of pets along with grown up kids, she willingly took him to us. A bit grumpy during his first night but easiy adjusted himself to his new place and keeper.

Aurora Night


Aurora Night
Wild Green Burst
One Cold night in September, Me and my wife just went out chasing the Northern Light and was fortunate enough to catch on
this beautiful spectacles in the sky.