My Photo Journal

While walking towards the office, this caught my eye. Since i brought my camera that day, the new NEX 5 from Sony, I took a snap of this portion of our office. Well, actually this isnot mine but for my youngest daughter as a gift for her.

Along with the pic above i also took this one the same day while waiting for the office time because i came so early at the office. This was taken along the open park in front of our offfice.  The building shown here is the Etisalat- the telecommunication company in the U.A.E All its headquarters  are characterized by the big ball on top of it.

The Jumeirah Hotel is a very luxurious hotel in Dubai situated alongside the famous Burj Al Arab. Both these two icons are designed by my old office- W.S Atkins. I took this pic along the sidewalk just across the road from it. My Nikon D80was just new then and mounted it on my tripod and used a slow shutter speed to capture the image.

This was taken along the Buheira Corniche just opposite where we used to live. The view along this man made lagoon is spectacular because of the different colors of lights that you can see on the building standing along this curvy waterfront.

The Khalid Lagoon Mosque viewed from the other side of the lagoon. Almost all mosques here are lighted all night and it is nice to get a snap of those ornate structures specially at night when they are lighted.

These flowers were taken at Dubai Mall when we went there one weekend. It is customary for people here specially the expatriates to crowd the malls particularly during hot summer seasons an during the weekends. Malls have become like plazas before where people meet and hang around with the convenience of air-conditioned spaces inside them.

An old cigar vendor inside the Heritage Village Souq in Sharjah. The old man is quite hesitant to get a picture of him taken. I was with my Photog friend Roy when i took this one.

A dirty stevedore man taking a break behind a vessel cargo at the corniche close to the Heritage village in Sharjah. He was actually looking at my friend Roy’s camera when i stole this shot. A lot of stevedores can be seen along this narrow water channel because a spice souq is situated along with the cultural heritage museum.

A Snowy Day


Upside Down

A Poser

A Poser 2

A Reminder

Three Poles

A place where we go for crabbing and salt water fishing. It was a beautiful sunny afternoon and I decided to take my wife to drive down at the Marina to take some snaps of the place. The water is calm and the tide is low so i took the chance to snap around and caught some  of these shots.

The Fisherman’s Pier


The calm water made a clear reflections of the surroundings and the rows of piles caught my interest drawing my eyes toward the lodge at the end. It has been quite awhile since I had taken pictures around town and it it was a pleasure to catch one like this. Kitimat is a picturesque town with natural landscapes and vegetations.


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